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United Church Homes and Services Senior Management Staff takes pride in serving the mission of the organization and shares a commitment to ethical leadership.
Lee Syria
President and CEO
Phone: 828-465-8012
Gary Shull
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 828-465-8006
Aimee Reimann
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 828-465-8017
Steve Paterson
Chief Quality and Compliance Officer
Phone: 828-465-8022
Joy Cline
Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer
Phone: 828-465-8014
Nancy Beard
President, UCHS Foundation
Phone: 828-465-8008
Cindy Cale
Director of Human Resources
Phone: 828-465-8009
Mona Huffman
Director Administrative Services
Phone: 828-465-8012
Jeanette Breckenridge
Director of Housing Services
Phone: 252-444-0718
Brantley Larew
Director of Information Technology
Phone: 828-465-8016
Joel Shaw
Vice President of Facilities Management
Phone: 828-465-8568
Andrew Warren
Area General Manager/Dining Services
Susan Young
Director Clinical Services
Phone: 828-465-8024