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Julius Society

Supportive Housing
The Julius Society is named in honor of Julius W. Abernethy, whose generosity as one of our founding fathers brought this ministry into being. Julius Society members have made a commitment to provide a legacy gift to United Church Homes and Services. These generous individuals are recognized on our donor walls and in the UCHS Annual Report.

Julius Society Members

Current Members

Anonymous (5)
Greg Alcorn
Missie Alcorn
Bobbie Appleton
Fred Appleton
Selena Arney
William Arney
Joe Beaman
Judy Beaman
Nancy Beard
Yancey Birdsong
David Boone
Karen Boone
Dosia Carlson
Page Cassel
Emily Childs
Don Clark
Jackie Clark
Jean Claud
Robert C. Claud
Elberta G. Coulter
Jay F. Ebersole
Brenda Eckard
Donald Flick
Jo Anne Flick
Inez Freeman
Judy Gallagher
John Gayle
Lorraine Gayle
Joe Goble
Linda Goble
Lucille Grandmaison
J. Emmett Griffin
Caroline Grisette
Robert D. Griswold
Doris J. Guill
Nancy Gunderson
Thomas Hadle
Hildur Harris
R. G. Harris
Michael Hartwell
Sandra M. Hartwell
Duane Hass
Joan Hass
Dorothy Hill
Fallon Holt
R. Leroy Howell
Willard W. Huffman
Kelli M. King
Charlie Lambert
Elizabeth Lambert
Beverly Lanzer
Burton Laskin
Harriette Laskin
Homer Laube
Marguerite T. Leonard
Linda Mathias
Beulah Mae Mitchell
Catherine L. Moore
Gerry Propst
Paula Redslob
Aimee Reimann
Donna Scott
Roland Scott
Evelyn P. Sell
Kenneth D. Sell
Banks D. Shepherd
Eulene Shepherd
Avis Shumaker
Marilyn E. Shumaker
Catherine S. Smith
Edward L. Smith
Eva Smith
Sarah B. Snell
Pauline Stewart
Susan Stone
Lee Syria
Ruth Thoni
Esther W. Watkins
Elaine Weller
Nelson Weller
Mary Wesley
William Wyatt
Bill Zook
Jim Zook

Legacy Members

Julius Abernethy
Maye Morrison Abernethy
Raenelle Abernethy
Ethel Anderson
Margaret Beacham
Ada Beatty
Emily Binning
John C. Boesch
Mary Ann F. Boesch
Charles Bost
Dixie Bost
James Richard Bost
Lois M. Bost
Marjorie Bowman
Tally Bowman
Frances Buchanan
Mary Ayers Campbell
Ira Ken Cassel
Lola Cheek
Frank Clapp, Jr.
Shirley Clifford
William Coltrane
Helen P. Comber
William R. Comber
Jane T. Dellinger
Mary Lou Dixon
Harriett F. Drye
Dale Eckard
Margaret Erikson
Sadie Faw
Caroline Femrite
Hawley Femrite
Murrell Deal Finger
Gladys R. Fletcher
Lessie E. Gaddy

Legacy Members

Vola Knipp
Verna M. Krouse
Gerry Laube
Jacqueline Leonard
Joe H. Leonard
Elizabeth Lipscomb
Nathan Lipscomb
Fred N. Livengood
Glenn Love
Mary Love
Dr. William C. March
Pruella McKenzie
Ethel McMahan
Paul J. Miller
James R. Mitchell, Sr.
Reitzel P. Moldin
Hoy Moose
Muriel Newell
William A. Newell
Marion Obergfell
Paul Obergfell
John Pancoast
Katherine Pancoast
Anne B. Pendry
Clint Pendry
Frances I. Pickett
Dorothy Pierce
Lalah T. Pierce
Clarence Pierce, Jr.
Annie Shuford Rankin
Sarah Reese
Lillian Resnick
Robert H. Rogers
Marjorie Schell
Frances E. Setzer
Anice Shuler
Charlie Shuler
Helen V. Sink
Catharine B. Smith
Margaret F. Smith
Rena Bray Smith
William J. Spain, Jr.
Elliott B. Stewart
Edith Strunk
Lawrence N. Strunk
Helen S. Tatum
Richard L. Tatum
George Thomason
Florence Throneburg
Anna Goode Turner
Zechariah Turner
Rose Vipond
Vera Wagoner
Dale C. Ward
Margaret R. Warlick
Hazel Wilfong
Sylvia D. Wilson

If you have already planned for a legacy gift to UCHS we hope you will allow us to acknowledge your generosity. If you would consider taking such a step we will be happy to share gift opportunities with you. For more information, contact Nancy Beard,  UCHS Foundation President and CEO at 828-465-8008.